Knocking Blues

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"A knockout mocha is not just a cup of coffee, it's a tantalizing elixir of pure pleasure. And now, you can enjoy this extraordinary coffee experience anytime, anywhere with our convenient Knock Out Mocha pouches.
The moment you take your first sip, you'll be transported to a world of rich chocolate and bold coffee flavors, where the boundaries of taste are redefined. Each sip is like a symphony of flavors, where smooth and creamy notes of chocolate dance with the bold and robust notes of coffee.
It's the perfect fusion of indulgence and energy, satisfying your sweet tooth while fueling you with caffeine. The velvety texture is like a warm embrace, comforting you with every swallow. So, take a break from the monotony of everyday life and savor the magic of a knockout mocha - a drink so unique,
it's bound to leave you spellbound! Order your Knock Out Mocha pouches today and enjoy the ultimate coffee experience, anytime, anywhere."


100% Pure
Premium Freeze-Dried Coffee
No Added Sugar
No Artificial Additive
No Added Chicory
Low Calorie
The Fueling Kick Coffee
Single Origin Coffee
Sourced From Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Customer Reviews

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Jarvis Parmar
Pocket friendly packs

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Turff coffee for supplying me within 24 Hours of ordering my purchase of Knock Out Mocha coffee. This is the best coffee I have ever had....honest!

Santosh Kumar
Pocket friendly packs

You can try different tastes with budget friendly and soothing taste experience.

Bilal Khan
My fav. instant coffee.

'- Fantastic delivery. Fast and efficient. Felt very safe using my card on this site too. The coffee was a present for my dad, but i might have to get some for myself, It smells so delicious!'

Bhuvan Bhalla
Great Product!

Purchased as a present. The packaging, delivery and service were excellent.

Vasu Sharma

Too good!