About Turff Coffee | Kanishk Mehta | Turff Coffee

TURFF is the home ground of the brave who pioneer caffeinated energy the moment you think it; And is the address of the confident who add the premium quality and the life alternating progressive food-tech to your favourite beverage. And coming from the pages of success at a young age is our Founder and CEO (Caffeine Expert Officer), Mr. Kanishk Mehta who set in stone this pioneering brand on 2nd April 2022.

The legendary Talk Show Host and TV Personality David Letterman had once quipped, “If it weren’t for coffee, I’d have no identifiable personality whatsoever.”

And this is exactly what we are all about. We sell taste, quality and personality. Turff celebrates the coming together of Coffee, Character, and Charisma. How, you ask? Keep reading as we take you on a brief yet tasteful journey, exactly like the instant premium coffee you’ll find when you put your faith behind Turff.

Coffee is the soul of each generation and we make sure it lasts longer, revolving around us by pioneering the move of the Indian market to “premium instant coffee cups”. At the same time, we work on a model of bringing India to the world and not vice-versa. The soul is 100% Made in India and is 100% organic and natural. There are no added Chicory or Artificial Flavours, because the only thing we believe in adding is confidence of taste and mind-blowing flavours for your caffeine-palate.

Character is infused with being the only brand in your neighbourhood that goes bold in the flavours and delivers Premium Bold Cutting Freeze Dried Coffee. Turff holds to its core the personality that makes Premium flavoursome coffee yet imbibes the the personalities that taste it, i.e. You. We grow according to the trust that tastes your lips and we help set the tone of the urban gen-next.

Charisma walks in when you need an identifiable personality that boosts the best in you. And it’s available in instant cups of various premium flavours. Flavours that feed you the taste of the season, that makes these caffeine delights stand out in your preference and you stand out in the crowd.

Fuel your tastes and fill your passion. Reach your Premium potential when you play on our Turff.

TURFF looks forward to being a major online and offline store that adds the choice of flavours, the personality that the tastemakers need. And adding the Character to the palettes of personalities that form our brand audience are our products that represent the Emotions the brand leverages. Each flavour and drink represents emotions that attracts you to it, like hype, pleasure, melancholy, happiness and many more. We have what you need for your every mood in every season.

Let’s change the way we drink, buy and visualise the urban landscape of taste and experiences.

When you think of a Premium Tastemaker; When you think of a Pioneering Urban Playground in F&B preferences; When you think Loyalty towards the way you consume Coffee; You think TURFF!