Why You Should Try Instant Coffee a Shot

Why You Should Try Instant Coffee a Shot

Is bad coffee preferable to no coffee? That is still up for debate. We had the novel concept that instant coffee shouldn't be bad and that no coffee enthusiast should have to sacrifice convenience for quality. There should never be an either/or situation.

Our Instant Freeze Coffee solves the age-old problem of wanting an excellent cup of coffee but not having a grinder, scale, or brewer. We designed it for those on the go, those who like finer things, outdoor adventurers, and, most importantly, coffee enthusiasts. A week's supply of speciality coffee can fit in your pocket, carry-on, or bag.  

It appears that instant coffee hasn't altered much from its inception until now. Today, any mention of instant coffee is usually met with a scowl (and probably some disgusting sounds), and we completely understand. The vintage variant was created with a cost-cutting versus quality cup attitude. Instant makers used to get the most bang for their money by extending their formulae with filler carbs. People were occasionally sipping a fifty-fifty cup of mediocre brown water.

With the history and stigmas of instant coffee, we approached this project with the understanding that our version would have to match the same high expectations and standards as our freshly brewed coffee. If someone could spot the instant cup among the freshly brewed cups during development, it signalled it was time to start over. The task of improving the instant coffee game was not easy.

What Instant Freeze Coffee to try out? Let's start with our Instant Freeze Coffee flavours!