Different Ways People Around The World Drink Coffee

Different Ways People Around The World Drink Coffee

Almost everyone around the world follows the same morning ritual: wake up, get a cup of coffee and start the hustle. Where the ritual differs is in the preparation of the coffee, and sometimes in its ingredients. For example, while pepper, lemon, and cheese are unlikely to be considered good java mix-ins in the United States, they are in other cultures.


Let's take a trip around the world and see 5 unique ways in which people drink their coffee.

Yuanyang - Malaysia


Courtesy of The Woks of Life


This extremely strong and delicious drink, which can be served hot or cold, is made up of three parts black coffee and seven parts Hong Kong-style milk tea, which is a combination of black tea and milk.


Frappé - Greece


Courtesy Perfect Brew


The frappé, invented in 1957 by a Nescafé salesperson, is a famous summer beverage in Greece, consisting of iced instant coffee drowned in milk foam.


Espresso Romano - Italy


Courtesy Roasty Coffee


An authentic Italian espresso is served with a slice of lemon, which is thought to bring out the sweeter qualities of the java.


Café de Olla - Mexico

Courtesy Coffee Affection


Simmered with a cinnamon stick, traditional Mexican coffee uses piloncillo (unrefined cane sugar) and is served in a clay mug, which locals believe brings out coffee's flavours.


Pharisäer — Germany

Courtesy Coffees.gr


Pharisäer is a luxurious beverage from Germany. It's a coffee, rum, and sugar concoction topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings